2 women arrested in New York for wearing cabi clothing

Two women have been arrested in the United States for wearing a variety of clothing that has been banned under President Donald Trump’s administration.

The women were arrested Monday by the New York State Police, according to ABC News affiliate WABC-TV.

The NYPD said they were charged with “unlawful possession of a garment that contains a chemical, a cosmetic or a substance harmful to health or welfare,” the Associated Press reported.

“They’re being charged with a violation of federal law and are being held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard,” Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson told reporters.

The New York Police Department declined to comment on the arrests.

The two women, aged 26 and 28, were arrested at a bar in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood and charged with violating the Trump administration’s “No Trespassing” orders, according the Associated Statesman newspaper.

The Trump administration banned certain products from being used in the U.S. that contain chemicals that are banned by international treaties, including cabi.

In October, a similar protest occurred in Brooklyn.

The protesters wore shirts with cabi designs.

The group, dubbed #StopCabi, demanded that Trump “stop using cabi, and instead make cabi clothes.”

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