How to wear your own cat clothing

If you’ve been wanting to start dressing your cat for Halloween, then you’re in luck.

A new cat-themed clothing brand called Free People is out with its own version of the traditional cat costume, as well as a cute little costume for your pet to wear.

The Free People cat costume is designed for women, but the clothing is available for men too.

The cats costumes come in different sizes, and you can also choose to wear it on your own, or wear it as a gift.

Free People has teamed up with a local cat-loving organization to make the clothing available for purchase in the US, Canada and Australia.

The company is currently offering a free shirt for anyone who buys one, but it is also offering a limited edition shirt for the same price.

You can buy the shirts online, or buy them from their store, where they will ship to your door.

If you’re a cat lover, there are some cat-related items on offer, too.

If your cat is into cats, you can even have your fur trimmed and have a furry cat costume ready for your next costume party.

Free people cat costume (free) Free People Cat Costume (free, for men) A cat costume with fur and fur accessories for your Halloween party.

The Cat Costume is available now.

(Free People) More information on Free People: Free People

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