The world’s biggest clothing brand is opening its stores in Pakistan

A clothing brand that has been banned in Pakistan due to its association with the Prophet Muhammad has finally opened its stores.

Zara, the brand’s biggest market in the country, is opening in the capital, Islamabad, and in Karachi, the country’s most populous city.ZARABJAKHA: We’ve opened our store in Islamabad.

I hope this will help the people.

I think we’re doing a good job, and the people are enjoying our products.

The brand’s director, Zara Shahzad, told Reuters news agency on Tuesday. 

A Pakistani man holds up his clothes during a demonstration by Muslim women protesting against the ban of the Pakistani company, ZARABJI.

Reuters/File Zara’s first store in Pakistan opened in December.

The company had been banned by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 2014 after the country banned clothing made from animal products.

Sharif’s government said Zara could not sell its products in the Pakistani market because they were made with animals.

Zara denied the charges. 

Zara’s Pakistani sister company, Sariwa, has also faced legal action from the government.

ZARAA SHAHZAD: The government should look at the fact that we’re selling a product from a brand that’s in violation of law.

It’s a big problem, and we’ve got to fight it.

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