How the NFL’s newest apparel is making a splash on social media

With the NFL season starting this week, the league is taking a look at some of its most iconic new apparel.

The NFL is launching a new social media initiative called #MakeTheYear, which it says will help it build on its “brand and community” and promote the game’s growing popularity.

The initiative is being run by Nike, which will work with brands like Levi’s, Reebok and Reebugger to promote the season.

The league is also taking a page out of the game-worn jerseys of its own teams, which have become a fixture of the season with jerseys that are updated every few weeks to keep fans coming back for more.

The first batch of jerseys are available now for purchase.

The #MakeTHEYear campaign is designed to help the league grow the game on social and in-person, which is key to getting fans engaged in the game and giving the NFL a greater presence on social.

“The NFL’s apparel and game design is a great example of how the game has changed in recent years,” said Bill Parcells, the commissioner of the NFL, in a statement.

“Through our partnerships with brands and players, we are creating a truly global brand, bringing together athletes, fans and fans of all ages.”

“With our unique approach to branding, we want to create a more engaging experience for our fans, while making the game more visible to the world,” he continued.

“We want to make the world understand what the NFL is all about and the impact it has on their lives.

We also want to show our appreciation for our NFL-affiliated brands, players and fans who make the game what it is.”

Nike’s “Make THE YEAR” initiative is focused on social, but will also take aim at the physical apparel industry.

Nike says it will be offering exclusive items on its Nike Sportswear and apparel line this season.

One such item is a Nike Sportline collection featuring Nike Sportshoes, a set of basketball-inspired Nike shoes.

The Nike Sport line includes Nike’s Nike+ collection, Nike+ Dunk Low collection and Nike+ Air Jordan 1 collections.

The brand says the sneakers will be available exclusively at Nike stores in the U.S. and Canada beginning this week.

In addition, Nike will be partnering with brands including Nike+ to bring a special sneaker collection to select Nike+ retail stores in Canada, Europe and Japan beginning this month.

For more on the NFL and the NFLPA, be sure to check out our NFL coverage here.

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