I’m still a fan of Burp’s clothes

A lot of people still buy Burp clothes but it’s become a bit of a conundrum.

I’m always on the lookout for a burp shirt that doesn’t smell of leather and doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

This time I went with the Burp shirt because it is a very hard-working burp and also because it’s cheap.

The shirts are £20 and if you spend £20 you can get two shirts for £60.

You can buy them at the Burped store in Edinburgh.

It’s a well-known name in Edinburgh and if your wearing a Burp T-shirt at a bar or nightclub, you can be sure that you will be recognized.

In fact, Burped T-shirts are not even worn by women and I think this is why they get so much attention.

If a woman wearing a burped T shirt at a club or bar does anything weird or doesn’t look like a burping, she will be called a ‘freak’.

I can tell you that I’ve seen lots of people who wear Burped shirts at bar or party, but I’ve also seen lots who don’t.

There is a lot of debate about whether the BurP shirts are the best burp shirts out there.

I don’t know what it is about them that people love them, but Burp shirts are a perfect answer for many.

I got this Burped shirt at Burped, Edinburgh, and I had to take a photo with it before I could wear it.

I had a burpee with me because it fits perfectly.

I’ve had a Burped for almost two years now and I still love it.

The Burped t-shirt is made by the company, and it comes in two sizes: medium and large.

Here are my favourite Burped clothes.

If you want to see what a burpy burp looks like, head to Edinburgh and buy a Burping shirt.

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