Trump’s “90s clothes” line, Trump Jr. says, is a way to “buy back the American dream”

Donald Trump Jr., son of the President of the United States, said on Thursday that his father’s “80s clothes line” is a “way to buy back the [American] dream” and said that the “90-s fashion industry” would be a “great opportunity” for the younger President to “explore.”

Trump, who has called the 80s “the golden age” and praised his father for his “love for clothes,” also said his father “loves his work ethic.”

Trump Jr., who was born in 1981, told reporters on Thursday, “The President loves his work.

He loves his clothes.

He loved his grandfathers clothes.

So I think that he will like a lot of the stuff that we’re doing.

And I think we’re going to be able to get back to the American Dream.”

He continued, “So he will be a big advocate for the 90-s clothes, and it’s going to make us a very successful business.

And we’ll be able, we’ll go from 90 to 90s and from 80s to 80s.””

He will love it.

And he will love the work ethic,” Trump Jr said.

“We’re going from 80 to 80, and we’re bringing back the America dream.

And that’s what the President loves.”

Trump’s “Trump 80s clothes,” which he wore at the Republican National Convention, were made from his father and his brother, Fred, who are now the president’s sons.

The line was featured in a “90’s clothing” ad by the company, which features Trump wearing his dad’s signature sweater, which is worn by former President George W. Bush.

During his press conference, Trump said that his “90S clothing” line was created to “pay homage to the 80-s.”

The line includes shirts, pants, pantsuits, jackets, shirts, hats, and other items.

The Trump “80’s clothing,” which was created by Trump’s brother Fred and Ivanka Trump, has sold more than 70 million pairs of the garments, according to Trump’s website.

The President’s daughter, Ivanka, also shared a photo of her father wearing the 90s-era “80” clothing on Instagram.

The line was “designed for him to pay homage to his dad and the 80’s,” Ivanka Trump wrote in a caption to the photo.

“Trump’s 90s clothing line is a great opportunity to buy our ’80s, which we will be working hard on with @IvankaTrump to sell,” she added.

Trump Jr. also told reporters that he wanted to “celebrate my father’s ’80-era clothes” and “to get back” to his father, who said he loves them.

“The 90s are our generation’s golden age,” Trump said.

“And that’s the way to celebrate.

To have a great year.

But that’s why we’re in the 90’s clothing line.

We’re going back to that era,” he said.

Trump has frequently talked about his dad making clothes for the past 40 years and said in an interview last week that his clothing was made by his mother, who was a “very skilled seamstress.”

“I have a mom who was very skilled.

And she was very talented,” Trump told ABC News.

“And she was able to make it for me in a very short period of time, but it was the 90, ’80’s, and I loved that period.

I loved my dad.

I love his clothing.

And so, I want to be a part of it.””

We’re bringing that back, and that’s my father, that’s how he always made it,” Trump added.

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