By Andrew LeaichIn the late 1970s and early 1980s, Japanese women’s clothing was in the vanguard of the fashion trend.

The trend, which was spurred on by the success of the Japanese TV series One Piece, was about women embracing individuality and the power of fashion, according to author Tetsuya Ishikawa.

“The Japanese women were very conscious of fashion.

We would buy something, we would take it to the store, we’d wear it.

We’d wear our clothes, we were very careful,” he said.

“We would make sure that we didn’t touch the floor, we weren’t too close to the mirror, we didn-not have any makeup, we wouldn’t touch our hair.” 

“We were very sensitive to that kind of look.”

But in Japan, it was a different story.

Women’s clothing in Japan is largely made of plastic and it was hard for Japanese women to afford these clothes, according the Tokyo-based clothing store designer and fashion blogger, Yoshiko Matsubara. 

“The Japanese people are really not as open minded about fashion, especially about fashion in general,” she said.

In her book, The Japanese Fashion, Ms Matsubarara said Japanese women often found the style too conservative and were frustrated by their lack of access to luxury brands.

“The people of Japan don’t like the look of a Western style of clothing, which has no curves, no flair, no attention to detail,” Ms Matsunarara explained.

“The reason for that is that Japanese women have a very limited ability to afford this kind of fashion.”

Ms Matsubaramara said the Japanese women would often buy a product from a company that made it for them, rather than a brand that produced it.

“It is quite a shame, because I think they would be very happy to wear a Japanese brand,” she told the ABC.

“They would like to have their own style of Japanese clothing, they would want to wear it and they would like it to fit their body and their face, and so they would look really good in it.”

The clothing business model that Ms Matsurara described is one of many that is unique to Japan.

Japanese women are generally more conscious of their appearance and how they look than Western women, Ms Takamura said.

“Japanese women know that the Japanese culture is very different to Western culture,” she explained.

“We have this sense of being very careful about our bodies, and we have a great understanding of fashion that we want to use in our daily lives.”

Women, for example, in Japan have a lot of confidence about their own appearance, they have a sense of pride about themselves, they are very aware of their bodies and their looks, and they are more aware of how they should present themselves in a way that is appropriate for them.””

In contrast, Western women in the West don’t want to have to be so careful about their appearance because they know that it’s a part of what makes Western culture so attractive.”‘

It is very, very hard’Ms Matsunaran said that despite the challenges of buying Japanese clothing in the US, Japanese fashion still held great appeal.”

I think the Japanese fashion is very attractive, and it is very very hard to find Japanese fashion in the United States,” she says.”

There is this feeling of exclusivity and being different, and I think that has a lot to do with the Japanese attitude towards fashion.

“But there is a difference in the way in which the Japanese view the world, and the way that the West does.”‘

Japan is a different place, but we want the same things’While Japan is often thought of as a country of open minded people, Ms Miyake said there were many aspects of Japan that were quite different.

“Japan is one country with a very strong sense of nationalism,” she explains.

“A lot of people are very patriotic in Japan and they have pride in the country and their country.”

“But when it comes to fashion, there are certain things that the Westerners do not like about Japanese fashion and Japanese women do not have the same sense of respect for Western fashion.”

“We would like Japan to be the fashion capital of the world.”

Ms Miyake is also a fan of Japanese pop culture.”JAPAN is a very beautiful country and people in Japan are very happy with their country and they love their country,” she adds.

The Japanese fashion industry is a large, global business, with the likes of Todachi, YSL and Forever 21 being major players.

“This is a big industry, there is an enormous number of people involved in it,” Ms Miyakawara said. 

Ms Matsunsunara said that while Japanese women are aware of fashion in other countries, the Japanese people tend to look at fashion from a very Western perspective.

“In Japan, we are very

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