Adidas unveils new shoe collection for spring 2018

Adidas is rolling out a new collection of women’s fashion shoes on Thursday that will include the Air Max 1, Air Max 2, Air Boost and Air Max.

The adidas Women’s Collection will debut at a special event in New York City, and is expected to hit stores in late April.

The collection will include a range of styles that can be worn with jeans, dress shirts, pants, boots, shoes and accessories.

The Air Max One will feature a “flirty look with a high-waisted fit” and is a staple for men, according to adidas.

In contrast, the Air Boost 2 “has a casual, relaxed fit that is comfortable and flattering for both men and women,” the adidas website reads.

The Air Boost 3 is a mid-weight shoe that is “designed to be worn in a variety of styles” and “fits like a glove,” according to the adizero.

The shoe also includes a pair of “cushioned cushioned sneakers” that will be sold in stores starting next week.

Air Max 1 and Air Boost will be available for $250, the website reads, and the Air MAX 2 will be $300.

For more on the Adidas Women Fashion Collection, pick up the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine on newsstands now.

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