Which brands will be selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line?

Ivanka Trump is set to launch her own line of fashion accessories, with her brand, Trump Collection, unveiling an assortment of products at a special event on Sunday in New York City.

The line is part of the president’s initiative to make fashion more inclusive, which is part the agenda of the Trumps Women’s Initiative, which will also include initiatives to increase opportunities for women and girls.

Ivanka Trump’s brand is set for a launch at the opening of the Women’s Business Summit at the Javits Center on Sunday, May 15, 2017, in New Jersey.

The president has promised to create “a brand of women and men who will look good in any outfit” and have a “strong, confident presence” in the industry.

The event was announced by President Trump, who said in a statement: “We are celebrating with Ivanka’s new line, and we are looking forward to working with her team and her team of designers to continue our conversation on creating a brand of beautiful, empowering women and women who are strong, confident and confident in themselves.”

It is unclear if the line will include Ivanka Trump-branded products.

She has previously worn items from the line on the cover of the fashion magazine Vanity Fair.

In addition to her fashion line, Trump has also opened a clothing and accessories store at her New York apartment and announced plans to expand her store in the future.

The President’s Women’s initiative, which she launched in March, aims to improve the lives of girls and women, and the initiatives goal is to raise $1 billion for charities and organizations working to end gender inequality and promote equality and diversity in the workplace.

It is one of several initiatives announced by Trump in her first month in office to boost women’s economic empowerment.

The Trumps new initiative will include efforts to help women stay on their feet and create more opportunities for them to pursue a career.

It also seeks to improve access to quality education and provide equal opportunities for all women and will be implemented in conjunction with the launch of the White House Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative.

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