Which are the worst ways to be a boy in Australia?

Kids clothing retailer Kids Clothing, which sells a range of clothing for boys, is facing a backlash from the public over its advertising for its “girls” section.

The company’s website and social media channels are littered with pictures of its clothes that are clearly aimed at boys.

In a recent Instagram post, the company posted a photo of a shirt with a slogan that said “The boys are back”.

In the image, the shirt’s description reads: “Your boy friends and families love to share a good time in their own way.

We’ll be the boys for sure.”

The shirt, which is part of the “girls section” at Kids Clothing stores, features the words “The Boys are Back” printed in big, bold letters.

“The boys who wear it have come back,” the company’s social media page said in response to the controversy.

On Wednesday, the Facebook page of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) posted a video of the shirt and captioned it: “The shirt is a way for kids to show their love for boys and their friendship for the girls.”

In response to a request for comment, the ACCC said it would investigate the situation and said it was investigating whether Kids Clothing violated advertising guidelines.

It added that the company had received a number of complaints from the community about the shirt.

Kids Clothing said it received complaints about the company from several different groups, including the Australian Women’s Council, the Australian Institute of Family Studies, the National Council of Social Service, the Salvation Army, the Council for Responsible Media, the ABC and the ABC Kids.


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