How to keep a cool head in the aftermath of the Zika pandemic

BETHLEHEM (AP) It’s been a rough year for the U.S. clothing industry.

The Zika virus has put thousands of retailers out of business.

A massive recall was launched in February, and the U,S.

government said it could recall as many as 20 million items of clothing.

The stock market is on life support.

And retailers have been forced to close their doors.

The U.K.’s top-selling designer, Tommy Hilfiger, says his business is suffering from the pandemic and that it will be shutting down for good.

But many retailers say it’s not over yet.

“It’s really tough to come back,” said Elizabeth Rizzo, who owns the new fashion boutique The Muffin Shop in the Uptown section of Philadelphia.

“There’s a lot of people out there who are really hurting right now, so you really have to do something.”

Many shoppers in the United States and abroad were looking forward to returning to the malls, but the pandemics have disrupted shopping and forced stores to close, leaving them to try to find new ways to survive.

The Zika pandemias have been a boon to apparel makers.

Since the start of the pandemaker in March, nearly 200 brands have sold about 7.7 million pieces of clothing in the US, up from 7 million in the same period last year, according to market research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

It’s more than twice the sales growth rate for the whole of 2015, according a report by Kantar’s Global Brand Index.

That’s thanks in part to the virus’ effect on sales.

The new U.N. health agency, the World Health Organization, said that the new infections could mean that the world will see an extra $400 billion in annual health care spending by the end of 2021, up to 30 percent of the global GDP.

The WHO estimates that a third of all people in the world are at risk of becoming infected.

That could push up the prices of clothes and cause many people to look for alternatives to traditional shopping, said Andrew M. Bostock, a consultant at Kantar.

Some retailers have decided to go in a new direction, like the Muffins.

The New York-based boutique opened this spring with an aim to bring a fresh look to what is typically the domain of upscale retailers.

The Mampus, the store’s mascot, has been featured in several movies and TV shows, including “Mad Men,” “The Walking Dead” and “The Blacklist.”

In a statement, Muffina’s CEO, Kate Bowers, said the new clothing line will be the first to go head-to-head with traditional fashion trends and provide a new sense of style.

But she said there’s still a way to go.

For one thing, the Mampi, which was inspired by a real-life Mampu, has a “cute, fluffy, fun design,” Bowers said.

In an effort to combat the viral threat, the company is also using an artificial intelligence system called The Mamps, which it’s using to help with the store.

While the Mamps can’t predict the sales figures for any particular brand, Bowers says they can help with sales predictions and give shoppers more of an idea of how their favorite clothing will look when it’s in stores.

There’s also a new way for Muffines to make money.

Unlike traditional retailers, where the retailer collects revenue from sales of their merchandise, Mampins can take a cut from each item sold, and that’s where the cash comes in.

Because the Muffs don’t collect sales from individual purchases, they don’t have to pay much in store sales taxes.

As a result, Mamps will be able to offer discounts to shoppers and increase their margins in the future, Bower said.

But that’s still way more expensive than the average retail store.

Muffins will open its first store in downtown Minneapolis on April 28.

Its new location will feature a full-length portrait of Mampis owner, founder and namesake, Mami L. Bowers.

Muffin will open stores in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Miami, among other locations.

Its goal is to make Muffinas available for use by as many people as possible.

On April 15, Mimbos will open a new flagship store in the New York City area.

The first store will be at the Newark Street and Madison Avenue Mall in Manhattan.

It will feature the brand’s signature logo and will feature new Mampinis.

It’s also opening stores in other parts of the U., including Austin, Texas, and Orlando, Florida.

Meanwhile, Mumpins is also opening a new store in Philadelphia. New York

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