‘Proud’ baby girl named after slain U.S. soldier gets name

SAN FRANCISCO — A baby girl in Texas named after a slain U .


Army soldier has been given her first name, sparking cheers and a flurry of online interest.

The girl, named after Sgt. Andrew F. Kees, is named for his cousin, who was killed in Iraq while helping with rescue efforts, according to a Facebook post by her aunt, Ashley Kees.

Kees was killed by a roadside bomb near Tikrit, Iraq, in 2006.

Ashley Kees said her niece, named Charlotte, is also named for her father, a Marine who served in Afghanistan.

“We want to thank all the people who’ve been so kind and loving to us, our family, and all of the people of Texas,” Ashley Kee wrote in the post.

Charlotte is now in kindergarten and has been adopted by an uncle in Texas, Ashley said.

She said her aunt was trying to find her parents in Washington state, where Kees was stationed, and was in a hospital with severe brain damage.

Her family is working on a website and plans to release a book about the baby girl, titled Charlotte: My Promise to the World.

More than 2 million people have liked a Facebook page devoted to Charlotte.

Read more about the death of Sgt. Kee: Read or Share this story: Charlottes death inspires thousands to rally around a young girl, Ashley writes

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