How to dress for birthdays in 2016

A few months ago, the hashtag #birthdays in November was trending on Twitter.

But the trend had just begun to take off on Instagram.

Since then, we’ve seen a flurry of posts by women who are posting birthday wishes and photos of themselves as well as messages from other women celebrating their birthday.

Here are some of the best and most fun birthday wishes that we’ve ever seen.

#birthday in November.

This post is by the gorgeous and talented Lauren G. from the US.

You’ll recognize her by her popular Instagram account @LaurenG_, who posts all sorts of fun photos of herself and her family.

#Birthday in January.

This is the photo that has become a go-to for some of us this month.

Katie W. from Texas posted this photo in her birthday wish.


This photo is a great example of what a great birthday can look like, especially if you wear it in black.


This adorable baby leggings photo is one of our favorites.


This birthday wish was sent to us by Ashley M. who is a professional photographer.

Ashley M has created her own Instagram account, Ashley M Photography, which she started in January 2015.

She has over 50,000 followers.


Another cute birthday wish sent to our eyes.

This one is by Emily A. of California.

Emily has been a fan of our site for years, and this photo is her own personal tribute to the beautiful world of our country.


This video of a woman with a baby in her arms was the most popular of the day, and it was posted by a fan from California.

#MyFirstBirthday, #MyLastBirthday and #BabyLoversAreHere are just a few of the many amazing birthday wishes.

We’ve already mentioned that some of these wishes may be a bit off the beaten path for some people, but for some, it’s a fun way to celebrate the day of their birth.

Happy birthday to you, and thank you for being so kind and generous to us.

We appreciate your time and support.

Happy Birthday to you.

We love you.


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