Korean fashion brand kicks off 90s fashion trend

Korea’s Korean fashion scene is poised to take over the world with the launch of an iconic fashion brand, K-pop.

The Korean brand, Lotte Group, has unveiled a new collection for its 90s-inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2018.

The collection, which is set to hit stores this week, will be the first time the brand has unveiled an actual Korean fashion collection since its launch in 2016.

The new collection will be released on October 13, with a limited edition of 10 pieces to be available to retailers, and will feature the company’s iconic k-pop group, G-Dragon.

The Lotte Collection, which also includes K-Pop artist Seungri, will have an all-black and silver palette, which has already been featured in the popular Korean fashion video “A Girl and Her Lover.”

The Korean clothing brand is known for its high-end, high-fashion line, which includes women’s and men’s pieces, while it also makes accessories and accessories accessories for men.

The brand also has a line of men’s and women’s clothing, which it sells in the United States, including a new range of men and women sweatshirts that are available in October.

It has also introduced a line for men, called “Men’s Collection,” which it has already launched.

This is the first Lotte collection to feature G-dragon.

The artist has become a pop culture phenomenon, especially for his K-POP music videos, which are watched by more than 80 million people in the U.S. each month.

G-Dragon’s career has been in a slump over the last couple of years, due to a string of legal issues and lawsuits.

Since 2016, the artist has also been battling cancer.

The singer, who is also known for his work in the English language and on other entertainment outlets, has been battling his illness since late last year.

G-DRAGON, a name given to a type of Japanese snake with red markings, is one of the world’s most sought-after snakes.

Lotte said it is a “real honor” to be able to share his new collection with the world.

Gondolang will also be part of the collection, as it is the “most influential songwriter and artist of our time.”

The artist’s song “Korean Boy” is currently one of Korea’s most-played songs in the country.

Lotte is also working with an agency that specializes in the production of the song.

Lotties latest line of women’s apparel is also being made available to consumers, including an “Adidas-inspired line” for women.

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