Catherines new clothing line to launch in 2018

Catherine’s newest fashion line, called The Catherina, is launching in 2018, with a launch party for the new line expected to be held in October.

The first wave of Catherin’s new clothing lines, which include clothing from the US, UK, France, Brazil and Germany, will be launched in a limited number of sizes in 2018.

Catherines first line, the Mango, is available in sizes 6-11, and will be available for $40 on its first day. 

The Catherinas second line, The Mango and The Moo, will debut in 2019.

The line will cost $45 and will launch in 2019, and the third line, Black, will launch the following year. 

In 2018, Catherins second line was launched in select retailers, but this was followed by a smaller rollout at the beginning of the year, when the Moo and Mango lines were available for only $20. 

Catherin said that the company was aiming to launch the first two lines this year, and that they will be “very unique” in terms of the colors and styles. 

“We wanted to have a little bit of variety,” said CEO and founder, Tom Dickey.

“We have been waiting to make it to launch, and we want to have some variety with the sizes, because it will make the experience more fun.” 

Catherine Catherino has a history of launching her own brands, such as Catherinery and Catherinia.

In addition to the Mangeys, she is also the founder of Cirlceres, a brand that focuses on couture and fashion, and also a creator of the Catherinian line of shoes. 

However, Cattie has not released a new fashion line since 2014, when she launched the first collection of clothing from her Catherín fashion line.

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