Girl dresses up as Santa to save Christmas

A girl dressed as Santa has created a festive surprise for her Christmas family.

The girl, a 3-year-old girl, started dressing up as the Santa Claus at her grandmother’s house and has been tweeting the hashtag #santaclaus to share her love of the holiday.

“The Santa Claus costume is one of my favourite things to wear for Christmas,” the child, who is from Wausau, Wisconsin, told ABC News.

Christmas Eve was the hardest day of her life because she was so excited and had no idea what to do.

“It was the busiest Christmas ever and I didn’t know what to wear.

I had to make sure that I had something that I could get to the kids for Christmas dinner,” she said.

The girl’s grandmother, a teacher at a nearby school, thought she would make her own Christmas costumes.

“She wanted something she could use for the kids and make them happy,” her granddaughter said.

“When I got home I put the dress on and she loved it so much she took it home with her and her friends.”

Her grandmother even started sending her pictures of the Christmas outfit.

The grandmother, who said she does not have a Christmas tree, is not sure how the child came up with the idea to dress up as Santas, but she hopes it inspires others to think of a different way to celebrate Christmas.

“Santa is a very popular character and I think this Christmas is the perfect time to start celebrating the holiday,” she told ABC.

A Christmas tree was part of the plans for the grandmother and granddaughter.

“This is something that can be made for kids of all ages,” she added.

But the granddaughter’s grandmother said she had no intention of spending money on her granddaughter’s costumes.

I had no money to buy the costumes, so I bought the little girl’s costumes,” she explained.

She also said she was surprised by the popularity of Santa Claus.”

I never expected the child to be so popular, but I think she really did a good job of making people happy.

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