Terry cloth to re-brand her new sitcom in Australia

terrycloth has announced it will rebrand its sitcom, The Moth, with a new logo and new colours.

The new show will be called The Moths and is being filmed in Australia and New Zealand, with an Australian production company, Paddle & Shoe.

Terrycloth co-creator Teri Lloyd told news.com.au the brand had always been about family and sharing joy and love.

“But there was always a time in my life when I thought I needed a little more of that, especially when I was growing up in Australia,” she said.

“We’ve always been really family friendly and the whole point of this brand is to be able to tell the story of family in a very positive light and not just to be an outlet for kids.”

Ms Lloyd said The MOTH was a show that reflected the true essence of what it meant to be a mum and the importance of family, as well as a show about family.

“It’s really about the relationship between mum and her baby, the family and the family is the essence of the show,” she explained.

“There’s so much joy in the family.

The whole show is about family.”

The Moth will be a brand-new sitcom that will star Teri and co-stars Teri, who plays mother, Trish, and fellow Australian comedian, Paul Henry.

Terri Lloyd says the new show is a family show that captures the true spirit of family.

It is a show for kids and it is family friendly.

Paul Henry, co-host of the new comedy series The Mums, says the show will capture the essence in the life of family that the show is built on.

“Terri is an incredible actress, she’s a fantastic writer and she is a great story teller,” he said.

“We’re thrilled to be working with her on the show.”

She’s really good at bringing that life to her characters and bringing that warmth to the characters.

“Terri says the Moths will be family friendly with her mum Trish and son and niece Trish Jr, who play Trish’s nephews, Ben and James.

Terrie Lloyd is the creator of The Mumbrella Network, which will be shown on television in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom from March.

The Mumbler and The Mumbs show will also be available on Netflix.

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