What you need to know about Gucci’s new $1.2M ad campaign for its new womens fashion brand

For the first time in its history, Gucci will begin running an ad campaign with the brand’s new women brand, Lands End Clothing, in the United States.

In the ad, a young girl, played by Emma Stone, holds a purse that reads “Pursuit of a man,” as she looks into the camera.

The ad will be on billboards throughout the country, and will air in prime time on TLC and VH1 in the U.S. and Canada.

The Lands End campaign is the first of many Gucci campaigns, with plans to run across Canada.

Gucci’s U.K. campaign, which ran in the summer of 2016, drew more than $1 million.

In September, the brand launched a womens campaign in Canada with a similar theme.

The womens clothing line Lands End was created in collaboration with the Uptown Vancouver-based designer, who also produced a womans line for Target and Walmart.

The womens brand Lands End includes a range of products ranging from skirts, dresses, skirts, dressy dresses, casual dresses and boots.

In addition to the womens range, Guccis womens line includes shoes, accessories, hats, gloves and scarves.

Guccis U.N. ad campaign, featuring Emma Stone and Liam Neeson (via Gucci)For the Lands End line, Guppy also released a woments line, Landsend Menswear, which includes a womensen range, which features women’s tops, trousers, jackets and accessories.

The U.s.

Lands End womens collection will be available on May 20.

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