How to shop for baby clothes online, online retailer says

A retailer has said it will sell baby clothes in stores and online, after its founder was charged with fraud for allegedly selling women’s clothing online.

The Australian-based online retailer, called BabyShop, said in a statement on Friday it was “working closely with the authorities to establish the facts”.

BabyShop says its website is only “a place for parents to find baby clothes” and it will continue to offer baby clothes for sale, as it does in Australia.

The company has been accused of selling baby clothing to women online without their consent.

The woman who filed the complaint against BabyShop founder Sarah Cairns said on Friday that she had “never even met Sarah” before buying the clothes.

She also said that the clothes were “worthless”.

The website’s founder has not been charged.

In its statement, BabyShop said it had “not been able to locate any customer records” on the woman who was the complainant.

“The products we offer are sourced exclusively from our suppliers, and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are compliant with our sourcing rules,” the company said.

The statement also said the company was “committed to working with the Australian authorities to ensure the safety of our customers and suppliers”.

In a statement to the ABC, Baby Shop said it was in “the process of establishing the facts”, and that it would not comment further until it did so.

“We want to reassure the public that BabyShop has always been committed to working in good faith with the people who sell our products,” the statement said.

“As such, Babyshop has never sold any items directly to a woman, and will continue doing so.”

BabyShop will continue offering BabyShop baby clothing for sale as it has since it started selling the products in 2010.

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