Which clothing donation bin is best?

The U.S. military will allow African-American and Hispanic families to use its clothing donation sites to donate items to charities.

But there’s one site that’s not as inclusive of all African Americans and Hispanics.

Here’s what you need to know about the American charity’s latest move:The donation sites will accept donations of clothing and other items as well as donations of food and shelter.

The site will not accept clothing donations for people in the U.K. and Australia.

There is no way to donate any items to the U:Bartlett-Voorhees, an African-Americans-only clothing donation site, is expected to open this fall in a new space in Washington, D.C. The project is expected for completion in 2020.

Bartlet-Voirhees is based in the nation’s capital and operates in three cities in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, according to its website.

In addition to the two new U.C.:Voorheyes sites, the organization also offers clothing donation services in New York, Washington, New Jersey and California, according a news release from the nonprofit.

It is expected that the new U:Voorhis site will accept all items donated by people who are U.A. and U.B.C., which are not U.

As or U.

Bs, according the news release.

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