How to dress up as an ISIS fighter in the ‘Islamic State’ clothing

A former member of the British Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has shared how to dress as a woman in the group’s clothing to avoid detection by the FBI.

The British-born, Birmingham-based recruiter, known only as Khaybar, told Breitbart News in an interview that he first encountered the “radical” Islamic group in 2014, when he met a British soldier with an Islamist background.

The soldier asked Khaybrar if he could be part of the group, and he agreed.

When Khaymar and his colleague returned to the UK, they were arrested on suspicion of plotting to join ISIL, and were held in custody for more than a year before being released.

Khaybar told Breitbart on Thursday that he was then offered a job with ISIL, but decided not to accept.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it.

I was like, ‘I’m a British citizen, I can’t do this,'” Khaybars comments.

Kharybars journey to the Middle East began in 2013 when he joined a recruitment drive by the British branch of the ISIL in Syria.

At that point, the British Branch of the Islamic State had just been declared an international terrorist group by the United States.

He was able to travel to Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt to join a group called the Raqqa Emirate, which was headed by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“We went through some very bad times,” he told Breitbart.

“I went to Turkey for about six months and then we came back to the States and we were trying to get on a plane and we couldn’t get the visa because we couldn`t get a visa.

Then I was at the airport, I went into the bathroom and I saw a passport, and it was a woman.

I thought it was the passport of a terrorist.”

He then saw a similar passport on a passenger on the plane.

“The lady looked at me, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is real, this has to be real’,” he said.

Khays story led him to make a “very dangerous decision,” he added.

“But then I was also very happy that I had been able to go through a whole life that I didn’t want to go to.”

After that, he continued his recruitment efforts in Syria and returned to Birmingham, where he now works as a recruitment consultant.

He told Breitbart that he has a “fantastic time” with his new colleagues.

“One thing I learned in this whole journey that I can only describe as a bit of a ‘life-changer,'” he said, “is that people who work with me are great.

They are a lot more supportive than I was in the UK.

They’re very helpful.”

Khays group, known as the Raqqa Group, has been responsible for recruitment, recruiting new members, and even selling fake passports and visas to members of the extremist group.

The group also maintains a Facebook page called “Daesh” and has been listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

According to Khays, the Raqqa group has been successful in recruiting men with the goal of recruiting women.

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman who wants to become a member of a radical group.

If you’re going to recruit women, it’s best to do a woman’s recruitment,” he said in an article published on Breitbart in April.

“So I’m not trying to say that I’m going to give women the same freedoms as men, but if I can help you recruit women and get them to become part of your group, then I’ll be happy to do that.”

Khaybras group has also made its efforts known on social media.

In a series of posts, he described the challenges of recruiting in a terrorist group.

“To be honest, we are doing pretty well at recruiting women in Daesh,” he wrote in an April post.

“Daes recruiting efforts are so far behind where we were five years ago, that Daesh women are more and more discouraged from joining our ranks.

They have become very, very, frustrated by us.

So now, they are being discouraged by our actions and by the fact that we’re in control.”

Khayabras Facebook page has also been a major source of information for ISIL supporters and sympathizers, including one poster who called the recruitment drive a “success” in an October post.

Khayaber’s group has even been used by the “Islamic State” group to recruit female members.

In July, he posted on his group’s Facebook page a photograph of an ISIL recruit wearing a hijab.

He then shared the photograph with a message, writing, “My friend who was wearing the hijab is a member in our group, we met her in the street, and she’s a beautiful young woman.

It was a great day for her.

We all love you, Allahu Akbar.”

Kharybras post was

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